About Our Company

Ranch School is conveniently located Covina, CA just minutes away from Los Angeles. Since we are a private school, we offer excellent teacher to student ratios. Your child will receive the great benefit of personalized attention that comes with private schooling.

We service all children from pre K to 12th grade. We pride ourselves as a private school that specializes in currents events. Our custom curriculum advocates that students know geography and cultural literacy.  

If you have a toddler bring them down and check out our private elementary school facilities. You can speak with our knowledgeable instructors about our Pre K School. Also if you have a teenager in the home we also provide summer school for high school students.  

Contact us today to enroll your child. We instructor all our students about the current and cultural events going on in the world so when they leave the school, they are more aware and cognizant about the real world and life.

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  • Excellent Instructors
  • Friendly Staff
  • Great Learning Environment


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